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It is a legal requirement that female washrooms have suitable means for feminine hygiene disposal. Elston Environmental Services help you comply with Duty of Care and workplace regulations which states that any company employing females must have adequate sanitary disposal products. We are fully registered with the Environment Agency which means all our waste is disposed of in a safe and correct manner and at every visit you are issued with a Duty of Care Service Report and Waste Transfer Note, which is kept in a folder on your premises. All our bins are serviced on site, in the privacy of the washroom; waste is taken out to an unmarked vehicle by one of our smartly dressed operatives. Complete discretion is our aim.

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At Elston Environmental Services we offer an extensive range of highly fashionable, sleek looking, slimline disposal units designed to fit into the toilet cubicle. Disposal units are now pedal operated offering "hands free disposal". The lids contain a modesty flap to prevent any odour and to prevent the contents of the bin being viewed. Each unit contains a liner and all are thoroughly sanitized at each visit using an anti-bacterial cleaner.

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We can also incorporate nappy bins into your washrooms that have all the same specifications and service as the sanitary units.

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